Why Yoga Is Essential for Human Beings In This Crucial Period?

Human beings can do all the things in the world, why yoga? All that human beings can do is essentially an expression themselves

Someone sing a song

someone dances,

someone writes a book,

someone paints a picture. Whatever else we do It Expresses ourselves. May be aware of it, may be unaware of it but still everything you say everything that you do.

It’s about determining what you want to be, changing the very foundations of your own existence. Today there is substantial medical and scientific evidence to show that the very fundamentals of your brain activity, its chemistry,

even its genetic content can be changed by practicing different yoga systems. This did not need confirmation because we have always witnessed this, but today there is scientific data to prove it.

So this is not an expression of who you are; it’s about determining the nature of who you want to be, changing the fundamental ingredients that have made you who you are. So yoga as a system, needs much more participation than anything other than one …

any other … other forms of things that we do that are simply an expression of who we are. If you find full expression through some particular activity, it can also leave you somewhat transformed. But that is just a certain impact that is happening due to absolute participation in a particular activity.

But essentially that activity by nature is an expression of who you are, it does not determine the nature of who you are. Because who wants to find such an expression in the morning? (Laughs)

Definitely not, isn’t it?

So, it is not an expression,

it is a method,

it’s a medium,

it is a technology through which you can change the shape of who you are; literally too, otherwise too.

You can change the very shape of who you are right now, that can be transformed because who you are now as a person is a combination of things: genetic material,

before the karmic substance that you carry; that is why you chose a certain uterus, so the genetic material and from the moment you are born, any kind of impressions that have entered you in the form of a variety of experiences, situations, thoughts, emotions, relationships, associations, whatever if you haven’t drunk it.