10 Tips for Walking and Losing Weight to Succeed


Walking and losing weight go hand in hand. If you need to lose weight, start your efforts by enjoying more walks at different times of the day and in different places. Prepare yourself for success by being prepared for anything!

1. Start Small and Slow

No matter how eager you are to start, it is better for your body to build up gradually for distances and speed. Start as a moderate and work your way up.

2. Get Comfortable

Wear loose, comfortable and very appropriate clothing for the temperatures. Use layers so you can also remove the elements as it gets hotter. Plain cotton is the most comfortable thing for most people who enjoy walking, but adapt to yourself!

3. Bring Some Music

Good music can make the difference between logging an extra half mile or not! Put your hands on a personal portable player and fill your ears with the sounds you like best.

Of course, don’t forget to exercise caution when crossing roads if you can’t hear the outside world!

4. Shop the Best Walking Shoes

Even if spending a lot on something gives you the chills, don’t skimp on your shoes. Try them out before you buy and also research the brand. Use them a little before going for a walk, to avoid blisters too.

5. Keep your Head Up

Practicing proper posture will not only maximize the benefits of exercise you get from walking, but it will also help reduce the aches and pains you will likely get from doing it. Good posture can also keep you calm, so shoulders back and spine straight!

6. Build up a Hike

If you start to get bored, a change of scenery should liven up your interest level. Drive to a mountainous area or state park where you can turn your hike into a hike. Bring a healthy snack and bottled water, and make sure you can sail back!

7. Start a Walking and Weight Loss Group

Discuss to people in your family or neighborhood and see if you can’t get them interested in walking, too. Even for those not required to lose weight, walking is very healthy. Having friends with you will give you one more reason to continue with the program.

8. Buy a Pedometer

Use this handy little device to measure your progress and challenge yourself. Mentally note how many miles you recorded the day before and keep improving!

9. Try Strategic Parking

Every time you drive somewhere, you can choose to create a walking opportunity as well. Park farther and farther from your intended destination and use your own two feet for the rest of the way.

Whether for work, garage sales, or the mall, it will make walking a more important part of your life and reap many benefits.

10. Speed ​​Up to Burn More Calories

Once you are fitter and can handle more challenges, try walking faster. While your stride length doesn’t really affect how many calories you work, your pace does. Pick it up a little more each time you go out until you reach a fast and highly beneficial speed.

Your success in walking and losing weight will depend on your level of commitment. The more pleasant it is to walk, the more likely you are to remain engaged. Do what works for you, and walking will help you lose weight in the long run!

Try These Amazing Natural Juices
To Lose Weight

You may already know that nature is the key to easy and tasty weight loss. Juicing offers one of the safest and most delicious ways to lose weight almost effortlessly.

If you are interested in learning about weight loss juices, then you have come to the right place. While juices will undoubtedly help you lose unwanted pounds, remember to speak to your doctor before taking drastic steps to lose weight.

Juicing is safe and good for you as it increases energy levels and contributes to your overall good health, but make sure your doctor knows your weight loss strategy nonetheless.

Weight gain generally comes from a calorie overload. These are usually empty calories that make you feel like you’re still hungry and need more.

Fast food restaurants are the main culprits for the weight gain of thousands of people, due to the high calories that are generally low in the nutrients their body craves.

Weight loss juices give your body a powerful dose of delicious flavor, as well as dense nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and lose weight.

These are just a few of our favorite juices for weight loss, plus some of the added benefits these recipes can bring you.


This delicious blend is packed with tons of great side effects! This juice has improved asthma, reduced blood pressure, and improved complexion in many studies. The ingredients are as follows:

2 apples

4 kale leaves

Juice of one lemon

1 cucumber

2 cups spinach leaves, washed and dried

After washing the ingredients, mix and strain to get a delicious delicacy for your body! Here is another healthy juice to support your weight loss campaign:

Mexican Juice

This spicy combo will soon have your taste buds, as well as your metabolism, jumping for joy!

2 green apples

1 handful of coriander

2 cucumbers 1/2 lime (skin included)

1/2 sweet pepper

Mix all the ingredients together and feel free to add a healthy touch of your favorite hot sauce to the mix for an extra touch. This easy juice is nature’s perfect remedy to reduce pain and improve asthma.

Plus, it’s plentiful and nutrient-rich, the perfect combo for anyone interested in losing a few pounds and feeling more energetic.

Morning punch

4 carrots

1 inch peeled ginger root

1/4 red cabbage

2 apples

1 lemon

1 cup spinach leaves, washed and drained

This mixture is excellent for fighting depression, thanks to the high doses of serotonin and magnesium. Furthermore, this blend is the perfect remedy for muscle and joint pain, lowers cholesterol and fights constipation.

The truth is, the juice combinations you can use to help you lose weight and skyrocket your energy level are limited only to your imagination.

Don’t be afraid to try different combinations and be willing to share your favorite ideas with others. Juices not only help you control your weight, but also help you start enjoying life to the fullest.

Do not miss this gift of nature!


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